About us

I, Peder Munk Antonsen have taken the first steps in producing high quality VP food in Viborg Denmark, starting January 2020. I am vegetarian, and the team and I are enthusiastic regarding healthy living, and more precise, healthy food.

The team often do sports and exercises and thereby use a lot of energy. We eat Viking Plant Meat on a regular basis, to get all needed substances as needed for their sports, businesses as well as daily routines.

In early 2020, Viking Plant Food was produced in Viborg, Denmark. With a limited producing to test the marked, all was sold out within
a few days. Article link HERE

We are proud to present a product made from fruits, herbs and vegetables. Much of Viking Plant Meat consists from rice and local potatoes.

You will also find a lot of broccoli and protein rich seeds. Some of the products in the product are categorised as superfoods.

No sugar, salt nor fat is added to the product.

Viking Plant Food got a great start in Denmark in 2020. It was sold out in just 4 days, and mentioned in Danish newspapers. Typical Danish customers include: Government, danish shops, as well as online customers.

Viking Plant Food, was also sold in some health shops. Here is a picture from Viking folkeblad, with Jesper Antonsen and Peder Munk Antonsen

Given the mild flavouring and product structure, Viking Plant Meat itself can be perfectly used in many different recipes, and substitute various types of animal based meats.

Viking Plant Meat is great for everyday use, but we believe it’s also very durable for creating Gourmet Food.